The most popular type of wood is traditionally oak - heavy, durable wood with a beautiful texture. The offer of modern materials used for the production of doors and floors follows the same path.

Decor: CPL laminate standard Oak corbridge Design: ALU vertika, standard doorframe

In addition to the smooth finished surface of CPL laminate, 3D textured surfaces evoking raw or roughly treated wood are also getting popular.

Decor: CPL laminate premium Bardolino Design: Giga, obložka na tupo

Or even synchronized 3D surfaces that faithfully mimic cracks and knots, the contrast of which stands out, for example, when using a hidden aluminum door frame.

Dekor: CPL laminate deluxe Halifax oak Design: hidden non-rebated doorframe and reversible doors

The wood decor can also be enriched with metal accessories in a decent silver shade - inserted aluminum strips or glazing frames of the same color.

Decor: CPL laminate deluxe Finnish pine - horizontal Design: ALU IV, ALU Vertika

The use of black accessories in combination with a suitably chosen decor is very modern.

Decor: CPL laminate deluxe Halifax tobacco Design: hidden ALU II black, black edge, rebateless design + black tectus, black Magnetic

The range of doorskins from company Egger allows combination with furniture or flooring.

Decor: CPL laminate premium Nebraska Design: ALU posuv , + Nebraska kitchen countertop

With a suitable use of a door with a horizontal decors (for selected decors), the proportions of the room can be changed visually. We often use double-decored doors to achieve a uniform appearance in the hallways or common spaces. They often find use at the entrance door to the apartment.

Decor: CPL laminate deluxe Oak natural horizontal Design: Double-leaf sliding door into-the-wall , + entrance door with peephole (double decor – grey on the ouside)

Special doors can be used in more demanding environments (climatic doors, acoustic doors) or for specific customer requirements (fire doors, security doors, card opening).

Decor: CPL laminate standard Walnut Design: Climatic door, steel door frame, Fire acoustic card lock + steel door frame

The range of foil doors represents an economical solution with an excellent price/performance ratio, while maintaining the required functionality and design requirements.

Decor: Foil walnut Design: Fireproof with peephole , + steel door frame