About us

We have been manufacturing Czech doors for you for over half a century. Look how we started.

Thanks to advanced production technologies, experience and our designers, we are able to meet the increasingly demanding market requirements and wishes of our customers. We make beautiful interior and entrance doors that offer better security, functionality, comfort, light, smart accessories and we can also make doors of atypical dimensions. Since the summer of 2022, we have been offering a unique opportunity to combine our doors with Egger laminate flooring.

The primary markets of DOORNITE are the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, we operate a network of 30 brand stores in cooperation with our partners. We successfully export to other 12 European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Door production is concentrated in Jihlava and door frame production in Uherské Hradiště. Both plants are equipped with advanced technology and our people at all levels, from direct labour to management, are crucial. We are very particular about fulfilling the values of our company, thus meeting commitments to our customers, employees and social responsibility.

Company history

DOORNITE continues a tradition that began in 1957 when the Jihomoravské dřevařské závody company was established in Jihlava, where a substantial part of the production of doors for housing construction in the former Czechoslovakia was concentrated. The woodworking company was privatized in 1994, the Kronodoor company was established in 1997, taking over the production. The company became a part of Masonite CZ group in 2004.

Since 14 June 2021, the traditional Czech producer has been again 100% in Czech hands, operating under the new name of DOORNITE s.r.o.